XXIV Conference of the European of Wine Economist

8 Jun 2017
autore: Ces.Co.Com

QUANDO: 7-9 June 2017
DOVE: Aula Prodi, Piazza San Giovanni in Monte 3, Bologna (Italy)

Ces.Co.Com. announces its participation to the “XXIV Conference of the European of Wine Economists” with a speech entitled “Global Wine Consumption Trends“. The international conference is organized by DISTAL, the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences of the University of Bologna and its main topic concerns “Adapting strategies to new market scenarios and changing wine consumption patterns”.
The DISTAL has emerged from a fusion of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Engineering, Department of Food Sciences and Department of Agro-Food Protection and Valorisation in 2012 and is based in Bologna and Cesena. The interdisciplinary competence makes DISTAL a hub in the Italian Agro-Food sector and an important project partner in scientific and industrial research at a European level.

Full program and further information are available to the following link:

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