Transforming Cities, Enhancing Well-being: Innovating with Nature-based Solutions

11 Apr 2018
autore: Ces.Co.Com

When: 16-18 May 2018
Dove: University of Coruna, Spain


Join us for an exciting 3 day event filled with a combination of inspirational talks, discussions, sharing of experiences and showcasing activities with content organised around three themes:

1) Sustainable Urbanisation in Cities and Restoration of Degraded Ecosystems

2) Robust assessment of NBS impacts: creating the evidence base to inform urban policy – making

3) Enhancing innovation potential through new governance and funding models for nature – based solutions

The interactive sessions will provide a platform for cities, SME’s, civil society organisations and the research community to share insights on the challenges and opportunities in using nature-based solutions to tackle environmental, social and health problems European cities face. Several European innovation projects such as Connecting Nature, Think Nature, Urban GreenUP, GROW GREEN and UNALAB will showcase their demonstration actions of large scale design, implementation and evaluation of nature-based solutions.

The event brings together over 150 delegates, including representatives from the European Commission and other international institutions dealing with the funding, monitoring and evaluation of nature-based solutions, such as the United Nations Environment Programme, the European Investment Bank and the European Environmental Agency. Around 50 European cities, together with public and financial institutions, green businesses, and other leading civil society and media organisations will come together for a lively debate on the promising urban experiments, in order to exchange their experiences, discuss their challenges and identify synergies for joint pathways to sustainable, resilient and healthy cities in Europe.

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