Ces.co.com (Center for Advanced Studies on Consumption and Communication) is part of the Department of Sociology and Economic Law – Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna.
The Center, through its research activities, aims to deeply analyze and, in the meantime, promote the culture of sustainability and responsible consumption, new media, social and environmental communication and cooperation, participatory processes and urban regeneration, social innovation issues, working on theoretical frames, innovative analysis tools and methods; by means of a team of researchers who have both intensive and extensive experience in sociological research and an interdisciplinary approach, in collaboration with experts from other national and international scientific fields who are members of the Ces.Co.Com.
As far as consumption is concerned, Ces.Co.Com researcher team focuses and pay a special interest on responsible lifestyles and business, in particular on enterprises and consumers such as Corporate Social Responsibility, Political Consumerism, Green Marketing, Caused Related Marketing, in order to implement researches, analysis, studies and to support virtuous, replicable and scalable socio-economic development models.
In the field of communication Ces.Co.Com deeply study social and communicative processes concerning Social Media and the analysis of networked publics through a nethnographic approach, thus understanding new communicative and participatory practices, together with prosumption and digital innovation practices and processes.
Concerning Cultural processes, meant as development driver and strategic investment for local communities, the focus is instead to the study of cultural institutions, cultural production and consumption round cycles processes, audiences and publics.
Finally, the crossing topic of Ces.Co.Com is the Social Innovation, in particular paying much interest to innovative practices able to generate value for the society, in order to examine and understand the emerging phenomena came up in response to “new” communities needs.

Ces.co.com objectives are as follow:

  • to set up an international collaborative network partnering with italian and foreign institutions, both public and private, with which sharing the same objectives;
  • to promote its activities (reseaerch, european projects, consultancy on susainability, responsible consumption, social innovation, new media, participatory processes issues) in collaboration and networking with local territory, institutions and communities and its stakeholders: for profit and non profit enterprises, associations and Public Administrations;
  • to promote knowledge on its research issues by means of conferences, seminars, mettings and publications;
  • to promote advnced training courses.

Scientific Director of Ces.Co.Com:

Roberta Paltrinieri (University of Bologna)

Members of Ces.Co.Com:

Roberta Bartoletti (University of di Urbino)
Franco Bonazzi (University of Bologna)
Vanni Codeluppi (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)
Piergiorgio Degli Esposti (University of Bologna)
Daniele Donati (University of Bologna)
Antonella Mascio (University of Bologna)
Giacomo Manzoli (University of Bologna)
Pierluigi Musarò (University of Bologna)
Paola Parmiggiani (University of Bologna)
Geraldina Roberti (University of L’Aquila)
Antonio Taormina (University of Bologna)
Michele Trimarchi (University of Bologna)

Honorary members of Ces.Co.Com:

George Ritzer (University of Maryland)
Colin Campbell (University of York)
Joan Buckley (University of Cork)
Arjun Appadurai (New York University)

Researchers of Ces.Co.Com:

Giulia Allegrini
Lucia Marciante
Umberto Mezzacapo
Melissa Moralli
Stefano Spillare